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If you Love the Jak and Daxter series then this is the place for you. If not then either you should go play it and fall in love or figure out that this isn’t the place for you. This is a place to submit fan art for other fans to see.

New members are always welcome! We want to spread the love!

Before you Submit art please read the few rules we have.

1. Are has to be Jak and Daxter related. All FanOcs have to be related to the games whether they be from Spargus, Haven, Or Sandover.

2. Please be sure to submit your art to the corret folder If you are unsure of what goes where please ask. There is also a folder List and explnations below.

3. Submit only your own work. If you did not do it Don't submit it. This include copying sences from the game (backgrounds are fine) Or someone else art that is in your gallary

4. Respect other members No negative comment, Give helpful feedback!


:bulletorange: Monthly theme submit the monthly theme here
:bulletblue:Jak This foulder is for Jak and Jak alone
:bulletred: Daxter this folder si only for Daxter
:bulletgreen: OC's This foulder is for Ocs that are ment to Live in Haven, wasteland, or Sandover or hanging around with the Gang
:bulletred: Jak and Daxter For the Demolition Duo
:bulletpink: Couples For all those couples and couple moments
:bulletgreen: The gang For everyone and any one. Place for Jak, Daxter, and all their frineds
:bulletpurple: Girls For any of the ladies of the games
:bulletblue: Boys Any of the boys or men Including those bad boys, and those Jak has killed
:bulletred: genderbending for all you genderbendign and cross dressign needs
:bulletgreen: Yoai This is the place for Yoai please remember to censor it and play by Da's rules
:bulletred: Cosplay For those awesome cosply pictures of either yourself, friends, or random peopel at the cons!
:bulletblue: Stories Liteature, fan fic, if it's words and not art it goes here

Theme list

January –Snow
February- Love
March – Spring
April – Jak X
May – Favorite Villain
June – Sandover
July – Wasteland
August – weapons
September- School
October – Dark
November - Light
December – Holidays

More info jakanddaxter4ever.deviantart.c…

If you have any Problems or concerns please contact the founder or co-founder for help!

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Its coming close to that time of year again folks! Halloween / Samhain is almost here! That means its time to draw Dark Jak / Daxter! Looking forward to seeing your submissions!
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Hello and welcome to the ultamet Jak and Daxter fan club! In this we post and share Oc's stories, art, ect. There are no rules exsept keep your comments non troll-ish and have fun <3



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Lord-Zachael Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015
Thanks for accepting me and enjoy the new additions to the group! The Jak and Daxter series is forever epic! Jak is a bad ass hero and Daxter is the perfect sidekick! Jak and Keira is my favorite ship! Jak Wink Clap Dax Jak n Dax high five Jak N Dax Light jak Orange lightning is here! Epic entrance Dax Is Creeped Out Daxter Smooch That cute smile Jak approves 
RatGnaw Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting the join request and submission! I really appreciate it!!
AnutDraws Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Dak by AnutDraws  Jaxter by AnutDraws  Dak and Jaxter by AnutDraws  
Shinymewtfm Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
I wonder if there will be a Jak 4 game...
ShadowsDemons Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
would be nice
Shinymewtfm Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Yeah. But Jak: The Lost Frontier is horrible.
ShadowsDemons Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it was but doesn't mean the new one will be that bad
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LeoArcana Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i've found this petition to convince Naughty Dog to make a Jak 4, maybe you want to put in a blog for the group to help out?
ShadowsDemons Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I"m not seeing all that much information on it
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